Monday, June 4, 2007

What will the 2007-2008 Pistons look like?

You can argue that there was a game 6 sweep in the Eastern conference finals this year with the Cleveland Cavs advancing to the NBA finals over the Detroit Pistons this weekend. In my mind, the 5 yr dynasty may have came to an end and there may need to be some changes int he Piston organization if they want to continue having success. Look at this team for the coming year, Chris Webber has talked retirement or playing for someone else. It is evident Nozar Mohammad no longer wants to be on the team and also evident this organization has no faith in him, because they brought in a replacement for him by signing Chris Webber. Jason Maxiel is not a starter nor a player who can consistently give you good performances night end and night out. Antonio McDyess may be getting an extension, but what do you do with Rasheed Wallace? Look at Saturday night's game against Cleveland... I think Rasheed lost the respect of his teammates when he went on a tirade and was ejected from the game,like he did while playing in Portland.I believe Wallace may have worn out his welcome in Detroit and he may have played his last game as a Piston.
So looking at Detroit's front court, what do you have? Let's just say Chauncy Billups returns to the team being he is a free agent now, the Pistons still are without a center or power forward. So what do they do? Nozar Mohammand is a serviceable center and someone will take on that contract paying $31 million over the next four years. Nozar is due to make $5,632,000 next season.
But what will you do with Rasheed Wallace? What will you do in the draft? Who will you bring in during free agency. Rasheed is 32 yrs old and 2 yrs remaining on whats left of his $26 million contract. Amir Johnson will have a role on this team but what is Amir Johnson, if Kobe Bryant still wants out of L.A. Do you make an attempt for him? Isaiah Thomas coach and General Manager of the New York Knicks convicts Wallace. Do you give him a call or what ables trading Wallace back to Portland for Zach Randolph.
With the emerging of LeBron James who is now in the NBA finals,Dwayne Wade who is a NBA Champion, Chris Bosh and Andrea Bargnani coming of age not to mention the Chicago Bulls, the Eastern Conference will be stronger next year. Will the Pistons continue to compete or will this be the start of a rebuilding process?


Carlos said...

they will win the title next year

Carlos said...

dont trade anyone. i feel you on rasheed. he has to go. but there is not anyone to take his place. resign chauncey, cause no one has the cap room to take him from you like the bulls did ben. give mcdyess his extention, if you can move nozar mohammad. webber is gone, no way you bring him back cause you all cant afford him. so with rip, chauncey and tay tay you bring the original 4 back and just work on the bench. sign mo pete to come off the bench, and draft a big and a point guard to develop under chauncey and the pistons are good.

Kylia said...

Great work.