Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Mark Cuban missed out on buying the Chicago Cubs but plans to have a team in the UFL. The UFL is a professional football league that will be in competition with the NFL. The league will include team in cities like Las Vegas, Los Angeles and New Mexico. The league plans to have games in the UK as well. The league will consist of 8 teams that will have teams owned by investment bank founder Bill Hambrecht and Google exec Tim Armstrong. Games will be played on Friday and Saturday nights.
Personally I think that these guys can do much better things with their money. Trying to challenge the NFL is the most stupid thing to think of. Right now, it is the off-season in football and every night on ESPN (The worlds wide leader in sports) There is time dedicated to NFL training camps, upcoming fantasy football drafts, rookie signings, off season moves.Not to mention during the fall there is something in this country that no other country has and the is college sports. College football,basketball and etc. Plus in the fall season there is MLB playoffs and NBA basketball. Challenging the NFL is not smart...not only are you in competition with the NFL, you are competing with all the other sports. I know for myself I am not going to stop watching the other sports that I love for another football league.
I was listening to a sports radiio show one day speaking of this topic and they mentioned creating another hockey league. The NHL is in trouble right now. The NHL has too many teams, they have teams in markets where the cities care nothing about hockey, and they have changed the rules making hockey not even fun to watch for the average fan. What if Mark Cuban put together a league that can rival with the NHL. Put hockey in cities like Cleveland, Cincinnatti, Grand Rapids, Ottawa, Oregon and other cities that need it. If they have only 10-14 teams. I think that would work


lawrence said...

yeah. hockey sucks now dude!!!

lawrence said...

What happen to your NBA Mock playa.