Tuesday, May 8, 2007

It's over!!!!!

After last night's dominant performance over the Chicago Bulls, the Detroit Pistons takes a 2-0 game lead in the series. Ben Gordon and Luol Deng who combined for an average of 54 points against the Miami Heat in the first round series only have combined for a total of 37 points in two games against the Pistons. I believe that this series will be over in 5 games and while the Pistons are at home relaxing, watching the Cavs and Nets beat the hell out of each other, they should be well rested for the Eastern Conference Finals. I predict that Cleveland and New Jersey will take their series to distance. (7 games) As for the Jazz and Warriors, I believe the Jazz will win the series in 6 games. And I feel the same way about the Spurs and the Suns also winning the series in 6 games.


Cdelrio said...

you right on with the playoffs dog. you must be a basketball expert. i think the cavs will beat the pistons. i thought the suns would beat the spurs but you probably know the game. what you think will happen in the conference finals. i say, cavs and spurs and the spurs win the series in 5. i like the pistons but cleveland took them 7 games last year and they can do it again and win this time. utah just cant ball with the spurs dog. i like you mock too. you did a lot of rounds. why so many. other people only do 1 round of nfl mock drafts. will you do a nba mock. i want see it. i dont follow college ball or the players coming out of high school so i just want to see more of them. i saw the espn mock have you. hook up a mock so i can see. do the whole nba draft. do you play fantasy football. hook up a fantasy mock. i like sports but i be so busy with school and work i have to rely on the internet for information. i'm a tennesse titans fans. do you that they will have a good season this year. what about baseball. do you think the yankees will make the playoffs. blog more and i will be back to see what you know.

Carlos said...

I told you Detroit ain't shit. I said Cavs and Spurs. Spurs in a sweep!!!